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We teach scuba (and snorkling on occaison) in a boastfully large pool. We have certified many many. Please call before dropping by to make sure we are available. We are a modest business. We train about 5-15 students a month which allows personnal training. We have our own 64,000 gallon pool, which allows us to keep tuitions under control. Hopefully I can shed informed advice on snorkling and scuba matters, and continue helping you should you desire to learn any water sport, or purchase gear. I have vast current experience on skin diving and scuba gear. Past students / customers, please keep up the chatter. SEE instruction PAGE..Call or email. Jim Larson Ver 04/14

SCUBA certification: Next available class is a weekday afternoon class


Afternoons - Sun 12-1 is new diver information including the economics of scuba training, THEN 1-4 is Lecture - orientation, physics, safety, gear assembly, total plan through certification - etc! THEN Pool sessions: Mon, Tues, and Wed, 11-4: followed by: More lecture and pools as needed and final exam. Planning of ocean dives a. To Monterey area or b. extra California referrals to "ocean check instructors" always available world wide.

Every month we do an afternoon weekday class, a weekday evenings class, and a 2 weekend day class. Please notify us EARLY (by phone or email) with your preferences and availability. Co-ordinating with fellow students with similar work schedules allows us to keep tuition lower than other scuba schools - by a LOT!!

Newsletter -and-or- - write "diving" in your subject line.

Call us Mo-Sa 10-5 510 612 9233